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Dusty River Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 12693, • Tucson, Az 85732 • United States • 520-327-6807/see/charmin/CM02472

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Gospel Music Concerts

Dusty River Ministries located in Tucson, Arizona is not-for-profit non-denominational Chrisitan orgainzation dedicated to bringing the good news of Jesus Christ through music to as many people as posssible before the Lord returns. The Old Adobe Gospel Music Theatre is open each friday night in Tucson, Arizona starting at 7pm. The Ministry conducts Gospel Music Concerts in four states. 1999-2000 Scheduled concerts are as follows: Oct - in Tucson - Anchormen / McKeithens Nov - in Tucson - Crimson River Quartet Dec - in Tucson - Tucson Messengers Jan - in Tucson - Carroll Roberson Feb - in Tempe, Arizona - Florida Boys & Kevin Spencer Feb - in Tucson - Florida Boys & Kevin Spencer Apr - in Tucson - Kingsmen, Perry Sisters, Palmetto State Apr - in Tempe, Az - Kingsmen, Perry Sisters Apr - in Albuquerque, NM - Kingsmen July - in Hartville, Ohio - Perry Sisters, Mast Brothers Aug - in Pekin, Illinois - Dixie Echoes, Jacquie & Bill Wilcox

The Dusty River Story by Gary Fisher

I was introduced to gospel music by a friend in 1991. I didn't realize then that this music would eventually consume my imagination and become a deep passion within my heart. Shortly after that introduction, a personal tragedy fell upon my life, which shook me to the core of my being, leaving me seemingly without hope. It was then that I was at my lowest. I began to play some tapes that my friend had given me. At first they seemed to make me sad. But as I continued to listen, the harmony of those songs began to break through my pain and I began to change. The strength of each voice provided assurance that things would get better. There was a time when I didn't know anything about the rich history of gospel music. But now, CD's, cassettes, and videos of music by the Gaithers, James Blackwood, the Cathedrals, the Goodmans, the Speers and so many more fill my home. Although I don't play, sing or write, gospel music has captured my soul and has become a permenant part of my life. Because those first few tapes helped me so much and brought me closer to the Lord, I have dedicated myself to bringing this message in song to others who might be uplifted in the same way. Dusty River was created so that through concerts, radio, TV, and the distribution of recordings, we might reach as many people as possible before the Lord returns.

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