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The Masters' Chorale of Buffalo NY

198 Emslie St., 75 Watson St. • Buffalo, NY 14206 • United States • 716-852-0508/see/charmin/CM02450

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The Masters' Chorale

The Masters' Chorale is a youth choir comprising of young men ranging from the age of 6-20 years of age. These young men come from every walk of life, denominational and cultural background. The main focus of the choir is to prepare todays youth for tomorrows success. It is our mission to spark self-worth as well as self-confidence and to build Godly Character. We meet 2-3 times a week and learn a wide spectrum of musical styles,including Musical Theater. Benefits would include Music Reading, Travel, Scholarships, Tutorial Program, Music Recording and production, Language Piano and Vocal Lessons.


Born of the vision and from the heart of it's Founder, The Reverend Cecil A. Edgerton. Rev. Edgerton is the Minister of Music for the Witness Cathedral of Faith Church located in the heart of Buffalo. He has traveled across the United States singing and playing. He is a prolific Song writer, gifted Vocalist as well as being an annioted Pianist. He has been blessed to travel across these United States as well as having the opportunity to sing overseas.

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