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Triple-C Christian Ministries

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The Vision of Triple-C Ministries

The name Triple-C is not intended to be a gimmick, or a catchy phrase designed to attract the attention of readers. Triple-C stands for "Convicted", "Converted", "Connected": Christ 4 Life! It is the vision of this ministry to follow Jesus Christ - to know Him, to grow in insight, wisdom, and revelation while walking with the Resurrected Lord, and to exercise a steadfast commitment to hearing, heeding, and studying the uncompromised Word of God.
The scripture base is taken from 2 Corinthians 5:14-15, 17-20, and is summed up by the following:
1) Compels - You must be first be Convicted, or compelled through the love of Christ to live for Him and not yourself.
2) New Creation - Once you have Conviction, Conversion must now take place.
3) Reconciled - After you have been Convicted and Converted, you are now Connected, or reconciled to God through Jesus
Christ our Lord.

What's in store for Triple-C!

Triple-C Ministries is currently in the process of updating this web page as well as expanding the ministry. While this page is under construction, we are providing some examples of "Faith Fuelers" - a defining trademark of this ministry - that we pray will strengthen your walk with God (Heb. 3:13).

Take These at Faith Value!

* Christianity is not defined by WHAT you know - it's defined by WHO you know.
* Yes, God loves you....but does He LIKE you?
* Prayer brings you to God. Praise brings God to you - so praise Him!
* Your past is not as important as your purpose
* If you just give God your Sunday, He can't use you Monday through Saturday
* God's gift to me was life. My gift to Him is what I make of it
* You say you want more of the Holy Spirit - well, the Holy Spirit wants more of you!
* It's not your noise in the service that matters, it' your service in the noise that counts
* The question is not what Jesus can do - It's what you can believe!
* To wave a holy hand, you have to share a helping hand
* If you get caught up in HOW you worship, you will never get caught up in WHO you worship
* God won't lift your spirit until you lift His
* Your greatest testimonies come NOT from what God does for you - they come from what God does IN you
* Let God change your prayer life into a life of prayer
* Jesus NEVER preached a complicated sermon, so don't you try!
* I can't....therefore God must!!
* Believe in God the way He believes in Himself and you'll never doubt!
* A ton of prayer will never produce what an ounce of obedience will
* P.U.S.H. - Pray/Praise Until Something Happens!!
* Are you living the Word or just trying it on every now and then?
* A Christian's greatest strength is to know his/her weaknesses
* Faith starts where ability stops
* The blessing is in the pressing!
* I don't want the hype - I want the Holy Ghost
* I don't have a religion, but I do have a covenant
* No Cross, No Crown
* It's not how much Word you study - it's how much God REVEALS to you when you study
* You can't teach what you don't know, and you can't lead where you don't go!
* As faith increases, evidence decreases
* The Word IN you that is not obeyed BY you will have no power when it comes OUT of you
* Freedom is not the ability to do what you want, it's the power to do what you ought
* Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it
* It's not natural to live holy; it's SPIRITUAL.
* It's not how high you jump in the service, it's how straight you walk when you come back down!
* God can instill if you sit still - Psalm 46:10
* Jesus was hung up over our hang-ups
* You will never be delivered from what you enjoy doing
* Be dead (to the flesh), Be fed (on the Word), & Be led (by the Holy Spirit)
* Ain't no high like the MOST HIGH!!!
* You can't get the POWER of the Holy Ghost until you get the PERSON of the Holy Ghost
* You are only as big as your prayer life in the sight of God
* I don't just love Him; I'm in love with Him!!
* Ignore the obvious to see the invisible and to do the impossible!
* We don't experience mercy until we abuse grace
* The process is just as important as the promise!
* The crowd comes to church, but the church comes to Bible study!
* It's not how loud you holler Jesus - it's how loud Jesus hollers you!
* Put your foot where your faith is - STEP OUT!
* Praise is a matter of life and breath - Psalm 150
* I can do all things through Christ, but can He do all things through me?
* The sky is not the limit - God is.
* Truth is what God says. Religion is what man says God says
* Christianity is not the shelter from trouble - it's the power of God in the midst of trouble
* What you make happen for other people, God will make happen for you
* God fixed your most immediate problem when He saved you
* I don't stand here in awesome perfection. I stand here in mended brokenness.
* JESUS. Been there, done that! (Heb. 4:15)
* God is not playing hide & seek - you're playing hard-to-get

Just Who is Derek Jackson?

The founder of Triple-C Ministries, Derek Jackson is someone who, after having experienced "church-ism" and the traditions and religiosity of men for over eighteen years growing up "in church", has decided to take a radical stance for Jesus Christ, and to give back to God what He has given him, so that in all things God will be glorified, the church will be edified, the flesh will be crucified, and the devil will be HORRIFIED!! His passion and purpose is to present the infallible truths of the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit, and impact a generation. He is 20 years young, and Jesus Christ is the love of his life and the life of his love. His message to Generation X? GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN: JESUS CHRIST 4 LIFE!!

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