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Whether you are preparing for a special ministry or just seeking the personal fulfillment of knowing your Bible. SBI has the independent studies to meet all your needs. We know you'll be happy to obtain a quality theological education and achieve your life long goal of obtaining your educational credentials.

SBI is a ministry under the direction of various churches across the country and exists to serve those who may for whatever reasons cannot attend a campus setting. If you have sought to continue your education in the past only to discover you were unable to reach your goal, now is the time to start. SBI is certain it will be a blessing to you spiritually, academically, as well as financially. If you don't do it now you probably never will.

SBI offers various programs of study through "Distant Education." From individual courses anyone can take to a host of programs. Certificate Programs, Diploma Programs, Associate Degree Programs, Bachelor Degree Programs. "SOUTHERN BIBLE GRADUATE SCHOOL" Programs of Study: Master of Divinity Program, Master of Arts Program in various concentrations and four Doctoral Programs of Study. We understand that distant education is not for everyone, so if the Lord leads you to one of our programs rest assured you'll work hard and earn your degree and you'll be proud of your academic achievement. Alumni Association, Bookstore, Class Rings, Books, Bibles, Supplies and Textbooks. You can find everything you need at Southern Bible Institute. "It's easy to get started by following the simple instructions inside our catalog."


Southern Bible Institute is a nonprofit Christian relief organization committed to providing religious training and upholding the highest of human values through dedicated service to those in need. SBI also strives to make religious education and training accessible worldwide in the areas of Bible knowledge and skill development to non- resident learners through non-traditional methods. There are two scholarship programs: "THE LEE WOLVERTON SCHOLARSHIP" For ordained ministers & "THE VANCE RICHARDSON SCHOLARSHIP" For laymen in the church. Applications must be requested and submitted. Payment plans are available and sponsorships (To find out more contact us for a "FREE" catalog). Southern Bible Institute and Southern Bible Graduate School administers its educational programs and activities, including admission, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or vietnam era or disabled veteran status. (Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of race or sex.)

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