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The Alwaye Settlement

UC College PO, • ALUVA, KERALA 683 102 • India • Phone: +91 484 624115, 623113/see/charmin/CM02380

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The Alwaye Settlement

A pioneer institution of its kind in India, the Alwaye Settlement caters to the needs of the poor, downcast and underprevilaged class in the society. It is situated in the suburbs of Alwaye, a small town near the banks of the famous River Periyar in Kerala in South India. Brief History The Alwaye Settlement was initiated by the CMS missionary Rev. Lester William Hooper in 1927. With the goal of serving the poor and needy in the community around, the Settlement was intended to provide the following. Residential and other schools for boys and girls. Land colonies for settling the poor in the society. Rural reconstruction centres Agricultural farm and dairies Homes for poor boys and girls medical assistance to the poor and needy Home for the handicapped Present Activities Being consistent with the vision of the founders, the Settlement presently runs: Nursery School Primary School High School Boys' home for Poor Children Medical Centre Family Self-Help Programme Home for Handicapped Girls

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