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Good Works Ministries

48 E. Church Street, • Uniontown, Pa 15401 • United States • 724/430-1464/see/charmin/CM02359

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12 Step Life Recovery programs

Good Works Ministries
We are located in the Uniontown, Pa area. We've recently moved into a 25 room building which we have been remodeling. Currently the floor level rooms are being used for Church, 12 step life recovery groups, Bible studies, Food bank, Christian music and a Coffee shop. Plans are under way for the upstairs. We have 13 bedrooms which will eventully become shelter for the those seeking a place of refuge. This ministry also helps in the area of clothing, food, and guidance to local and state agencies for help beyond our capabilities. The heart of this ministry is to reach the wounded, the hurting, the outcasts.We share our Father's heart of compassion for the sheep that have fallen victim to our society's increasingly destructive lifestyles.As believers in Christ, we have the priviledge of reaching out to these individuals,and restoring them to the Father's love. Although many professional healthcare facilities offer treatment, we believe these approaches often fall short because they attempt to help the body without reflecting adequate concern for people's souls. Those who serve at Good Works Ministries help nurture, mend, and bring hope to hurting people in which they can find restoration for the body, soul and spirit.......

We are a ministry with a purpose

Our overall goal is to help you and your family to develop full and satisfying lives,spiritually, emotionally and physically. This ministry is one of " Recovery " Recovery from addictions, drugs and alcohol, compulsive behavior. Addressing fear, guilt, anger, loneliness, confusion and frustration, which invariabley accompany these problems and their total effect upon family members involved.

Good Works Ministeries is a non-profit, non-denomonational ministry, 501c, and was established in May 1991 and is recorded with the Commonwealth of Pa., as such. Rev. Larry and Christine Gipe 724/430-1464

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