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A Company of Men Ministries

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What is A Company of Men Ministries?

A Company of Men Ministries is a network of ministers and churches called toghether for Prophetic Destiny and Apostolic Reformation, bringing 5 fold ministries into divine order and planting churches worldwide for the final harvest.

Rev. Peter Landrau

Rev. Peter Landrau is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Final Harvest Church and Worldwide Outreach, headquartered in Orlando Florida. He is also the Founder and President of A Company of Men Ministries, which is his ministry when he is on assignment and speaking outside of his congregation. Pastor Peter has churches under his covering in Georgia and is planting churches in Mexico also. He has a full time ministry team in the jungles of Mexico and carries on an itinerary for national and international evangelism. Following is the schedule for February and March of 99. We will be out in Mexico, preaching in crusades in: Bacalar. Chetumal, one of the largest prsion facilities, Quintan Roo, and Camcun, where we will be giving a pastors conference. The month of march will find us in Cuba ministering to a church started with 35 people 3 years ago and averaging over 1,200 in attendance. This church is historic in that one of the biggest 'paleros', worlocks surrendered his life to Jesus, and as a result, many worlocks have also come to faith in Jesus Christ. We will be posting and updating this list in the coming weeks.

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