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John Lovinger Ministries

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My Testimony

The first half of my life was spent in seeing just how much trouble i could get in and for that, I paid dearly because until my 29th birthday a foster home, Youth institution or a prison was my home.
The turning point came while i was incarcerated in a small southern jail cell early in 1961. Each Sunday a group of young people would visit us from one of the local churches; my attutude was that religion was a crutch for women, weaklings and fools and my attitude with them was rude, but they didnt seem to care upon leaving they called me by my name and told me that "Jesus loved me and they did also" that went on for about six weeks my attitude with them was always the same but into the seventh week a change took place, early one morning, something woke me up and i found myself reaching for the new testament that they had given me weeks earlier and that i had nonchalantly thrown onto the upper bunk in my cell, finding it, i began to read, i dont know what part it was, but the next thing i knew, i was on my knees on that cold concrete floor bewside that steel bunk tears streaming down my face crying out to God to forgive me a sinner, when i came up from my knees that morning i now had a real reason and purpose for living, i would like to say that i was immediately released from prison, but that was not the case i remained locked up from early 1961 until i was finally released for the last time in October of 1967.

May I be of service?

I know that there are a lot of hurting people out there trying to read the combination from that small scrap of paper you hold in your hands, but because the light is too dim and the writing badly faded making the numbers almost impossible to read you find yourself frustrated and ready to give up because you are really beginning to feel that there is no hope, but believe me, there is hope and a world of promise through the power of Jesus Christ manifested in the presence of the Holy Spirit......Jesus Loves you and because of my love for Him, i would like to be of some help to you if only as a sounding board...please feel free to contact me

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