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Belt of Truth Ministry

331 Seasons Parkway, • Norcross, GA 30093 • United States • 770-368-9273/see/charmin/CM02276

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Vision of The Belt of Truth Ministry!

That the people of God, Christians(those who truly exhibit the character of Jesus Christ, not by word but by deed), would indeed be made free by Biblically based instruction, correction, reproof and rebuke. We will not conform to the world's view of what the "Church" should be. We will with every step be guided by the Truth of God's word. Our desire is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the broken-hearted, clean and dress the wounded, visit and care for the widows and the shut-ins, and accept all those willing to come unto the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Pupose of The Belt of Truth Ministry!

To teach those willing to be taught, about Godly stewardship and Kingdom of God principles. This is done according to Zechariah 8:16 This will ensure that we as believers live according to the Word of God here on earth. We will follow the path of peace with all men, esp. those in the household of faith.

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