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Advantage Ministry

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Let me introduce you to Advantage Ministry

Advantage Ministry was founded by Rev. Greg Lambert in 1995. It was a call from God to teach the Church about deceptions in the last days church. Rev. Lambert began to see the last days apostasy spoken of in the Bible, 2 Thes.2:3. As God began to show the fasle teaching of today, Rev. Lambert knew they had to be exposed, Eph.5:11. Many men today are claiming to be Christ, and Churches are claiming to be the only way. There are even Churches today which deny the Holy Scriptures as Inspired, while calling themselves to be Christian! How can this go unchallenged? Help us to promote the true Gosple of Jesus Christ today! We now reach all 50 States, and three foreign Nations with the true Jesus! Praise the Lord!

How you can help us.

Advantage Ministry is a 501 (c) 3 tax orgainzation. Donations to Advantage Ministry is tax deductable. As we send more tapes, books, tracts, and teaching materials to Pastors, and lay people our expenses climb. We need your help! There are NO paid staff, all work is done by volenteers. All we ask is to prayfully consider helping this Ministry to continue telling the world of Jesus!

Mail all checks to: The National Heritage Foundation 6218 Beachway Dr., Box 1776 Falls Church, VA 22041 make them out to. Advantage Ministry Thank You!

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