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Sledding Party and Chili Cook-off!

It's that time of year! It's about time that we had another party in the Northwest District area, and it's warm enough to go sledding too!! The activities will take place on Saturday, Februaury 13, 1999. It will be held at the Cadillac congregation and the schedule is as follows:

Sledding: 1:00 - 4:00
Chili Cook-off: 4:30 - 6:00
Prayer & testimony service: Following Dinner

Some of the contestants include leaders such as Shirley Granger, and a man very famous for his cooking specialties, J.R. Vest.
Plan on coming...It's going to be a very enjoyable time.

Contact Information

Youth Ministries Director
Jim Schwab, Jr.

Regional Youth Ministries Director
Tim Ashburn

World Church Youth Minister
Mike Hoffman

World Church Youth Outreach Consultant
Trudi Gunderson


Mr. Jim and Liz

Pastor Joyce Elkins
901 North Main Street
Evart, MI

Houghton Lake
Pastor Carol Harrison
7622 Stoneschool Road
Houghton Lake, MI

Pastor Sandy Dobias
31 at Lamb Road
Interlochen, MI

Pastor J.R. Vest
201 North James
Ludington, MI

Pastor Brent Michell
3 miles south on M-66
Marion, MI

Traverse City
Pastor Cathy Hopkins
Parsons and Tamarack Rds.
Traverse City, MI

Happy Holidays!

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