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Music & Missions

A Training Music Ministry, Apdo. 12315-1000 • San Pedro, Montes de Oca, San Jos 12315-1000 Sn. Jos • Costa Rica • (506)225-4885/see/charmin/CM02247

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The Vision

Vision of M&M for the musicicans in Costa Rica was born in God's heart to take the gospel through music to all people. This ministry has been inspired for the missions movement among latin american churches and organizations. Focused on the interest in music developed by our churches, this ministry has started to work among musicians of all over Costa Rica to share the vision of not being only good performers but real worshipers in spirit and truth, and providers of Gospel through the talent the Lord has given us.
M&M started up training musicicans involved in praise team in their own churches. Through workshops and conferences, the goal has been to let the musicians experience the freedom of being a true worshiper and, at the same time, the reponsibility taken with it of spreading the Gospel out.
More than just simple training sessions, M&M is trying to lead all the passion of music in the person toward the One who called Him and gives him or her the capacity of performing or singing. All this work started just a year ago. With no finnancial support of any kind, M&M has been developing different kinds of workshops, music camps, conferences, concerts, praise nights, and mission trips all around Costa Rica. None of the ones involved in this ministry is being payed for the work, but that does not diminishes the excellence on everything it has been done. You will find on the next page some details about Music Camp, one of our ministries every year in January. I pray the reading will inspire you in support us in prayer and finnacially if that is what the Lord is calling you to do.

May God bless you Reyner Azofeifa Director

Music Camp 1999

It's exciting how the Lord is preparing everything for our next Music Camp. Even when we only have a little bugdet for this year, we are seein His hand working in every single situation and need we have.
Matriculation will be higher than las year because our money is going down day by day. This put our ministry in trouble because our limitations to offer scholarships for those who cannot pay at all or partially. We don't (and have not before) accept somebody would not attend our camp just because of money limitations. It's critical, but if we lost the focus of our goal then all we do in in vain.
Music Camp is a ministry musically leaded to inspire and train people involved in music ministry from many different churches in Costa Rica and some other countries. Last year we have people from Honduras and Nicaragua, wich was a joy and a new experience in sharing with people from different perspectives of the ministry. We expect this year to have a hundred people gathered at the Baptist Camp in Alajuela, CR. The week of January 5th to 9th will be the stage for many people to praise the Lord together and get trained in differet areas like keabord, guitar, flute, percussion, bass, voice, composing techniques, music and computers, arrangements, bell's choir, music ministry and a choir everybody will join in order to have a presentation on the streets of San Jos (the capitol) the last day of camp. We get more excited as the Camp gets closer. If you fell called to help the Music Camp through your prayer or finnacially, please contact us as soon as possible. This year we expect the budget to grow a half of what it was last year. This is a concerning we pray about every day, but it's something we are trusting the Lord about. There's many musicians longing to be a part of our Camp: people from the country side with no payment possibilities, but they really want and need to be there. The same is happening with some of the people teaching at the Camp who can't afford the matriculation because of their limitations.

If you really feel like helping us in prayer, financially, with music materials or insruments, or by some other way, you can contact us to:
Music & Missions Ministry (Msica y Misiones) E-mail: / Phone: (506)225-4885 P.O.Box 12315-1000 San Jos, Costa Rica, Central America May His song be in you all the time Reyner Azofeifa Director

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