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Spiritual Direction for mothers

----"A new Ministry has come to town. This one took a while to develop, following a path familiar to many women"----Sheila Schimpf, Lansing State Journal

Imagine having Spiritual Direction help you understand God, you and others better!

Email me if you are interested in learning more about Spiritual Direction and what it can do for you!

Wilson Perkowski

Direction takes time and a willingness to be open to the Spirit of God in your life.

Do you have one hour to spend with God? Mk 14:37 If so then let's journey together!

Spiritual Direction can help you find:

New Ways to meet Challenges through: Individual One on One Spiritual Direction.

New Ways to Share Experiences using: Prayer and Dream Discrenment, Journalling.

New Ways to Answer God's Call by: Examining Our Daily Lives, Examining Our Relationships, Examining Our Responses to Life Situations.

Blessings and Challenges

----"She (Wilson) has had Blessings and Challenges in her life that make her available to hear Blessings and Challenges in other people's lives. She is interested in creating a space where other young mothers' experiences are taken seriously."----Sister S. Eichhorn, associate Director of the St. Francis Retreat Center

Do you feel worn out from caring?

Do you wish to (re)discover your potential?

Do crave peace, freedom, forgiveness for your parenting slips?

Do you wish to put a face to God?

Do you feel as if your life is over because you have not done what you hoped you would?

----"Motherhood...God can bring meaning to the experience and the experience can bring meaning to God."----Margaret Hebblethwaite, author

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