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How Hungry are You??

The question in the Heart of God today for the body of Christ, the church is how hungry are you for My Will, My Word, and My Work? If we would truthfully answer that question based merely on the definition alone it would be not hunger enough. The word hungry is defined as an irresistable, indismissable, undeniable, intense craving for something.

Do you have this type of craving for the work, will, and word of God? For most christians the answer would be no. If we the body of Christ would be about our Fathers business and crave him like we say we Love him there aint no good thing the Lord will withhold from us. In the book of 2Kings 6:24-29 the bible talks about a hunger that if the church could just match its intensity we could clean out most cancer wards in all the hospitals in the world. The was a famine in the land as well as enemies of Israel beseiging the city. No food could get in and none could be grown because of the famine like conditions of the land. The only thing left to each was a mules head which they were willing to give eighty pieces of silver for and doves dung (bird leavings) which they were giving 20 pieces of silver for a forth part of a cab. Now image how hungry these people were to give that much money for a mules head and bird do-do. Its amazing what you'll do when you really get hungry. Image this a mother takes her own flesh and blood, her baby and kills him cuts him up boils him then eats him. When you get hungry enough its all about survival no matter what the cost. Now imagine what the church could do if its hunger pains got as intense as this womans hunger pains?

There was a young man who had left home to sow his oats and live riotously. He got among his peers and spent all of his money and found himself broke, busted and disgusted and in need of a job to feed himself. The job he got was feeding hogs and in the midst of feeding the hogs he had an irresitable, indismissable, undeniable, intense craving for food but he didn't have any money and his credit was bad so he stuck his hand down in the hog touff and pulled up a handful of slop and was about to stick it in his mouth, stinky,germ ridden, maggot infested slop he was about to put in his mouth because he was so hungry. Now imagine what we could do for the Lord if we had a hunger for the Work of God, and the Word of God, and the Will of God as intense as the prodigal. Saints the bible says in Matt 5:6 Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. Today pray for the hunger that the Lord is calling for so we can impact the church and force it out of its comfort zone so it will re-enter the war zones of the world. Get really hungry for God and watch him compensate for your labor of love and faith unwavering.

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