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Martin Young Ministries

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Preach the Word until all have heard...

Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel...", that is the good news that lost mankind can recieve forgiveness for their sins through the precious blood of Jesus Christ (1 John 1:9) God is calling all mankind to come to Him through Jesus, His only begotten Son, in Whom we can and will recieve salvation as a free gift. I urge all christians, everywhere, to "...go out into the highways and byways and compell (beg, plead, conjoul) them (the unsaved) to come in(to) a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. He is coming back soon, and all who have failed to recieve this free gift of salvation, offered to them through concerned christian witnesses, (God's mnisters), they will die lost. God will then cast them into hell who did not call on the only One who could have saved them, Jesus Christ. (Acts2:38-39) Please come to Christ while there is still time. Please, brothers and sisters in Christ, please begin telling your friends, neighbors, work associates, etc., about the good news of the gospel and their need for a savior. They might see offended now, but they will shout His praises later. As a minister of the gospel, I plead with you to "Preach the Word until all have heard!" People need to know, "You can choose not to go to heaven if you don't want to. But, if you don't go to heaven, you will go to hell whether you want to or not." Amen.

I've gotta preach!!!!!

Dear friends, I am a Spirit filled, nondenominational evangelist. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. I've been called to serve Him as a preacher/prophet/teacher of the Word. I am seeking oppertunities to come and preach the Word wherever the Lord opens the door for me to preach. I firmly believe in salvation, deliverance, healing & restoration through Jesus Christ. I would love to come to your church, campmeeting, seminar, etc., and share the powerful Word of God with you. "It is like fire shut up in my bones..." I am called to preach, anointed to preach, and will preach wherever I am given the oppertunity. Contact me today: Evangelist Martin Young, P. O. Box 547415, Orlando, Fl. 32812 or e-mail: I am waiting to hear from YOU today!

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