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End Time Harvest Ministries

PO Box 1537, 9 Jay Drive • Gulfport, MS 39502 • United States • 228-539-0848/see/charmin/CM02135

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Let it Burn!

In a time when people are denying the very existance of God, I believe, God is crying aloud to the church and calling them forth out of the midst of obscurity and lack into power and abundance.......Do you here it in the distance? Can you see the cloud on the horizon of your desert like experiance in the prophet of old can you expect for the rains of revival to pour once again on the land? In a day when our babies are having babies and or children are killing other children we need to stand on the Word of God that, "no weapon formed against us shal prosper and every tongue that would rise up against us in judgement we shall condem....." The devil has no weapons, no power, for Jesus has made a show of his demonic power openly triumphing over death hell and the grave! My God I could shout on that and I hope with Jesus in your heart you can shout over that as well.....

For Booking Information:

Please call 228-539-0848 for more information on this ministry and Reverend Christopher Gergen. Pastor Gergen serves as the Associate Pastor of River of Life Church in Gulfport, Mississippi and is affiliated with the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association (LeSea), Pastor Rod Parsley of Columbus, Ohio and World Harvest Church and the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee. Pastor Gergen operates in a powerful anointing having studied under many powerfully anointed Pastors, prophets and modern day Apostles. If you would like to have Pastor Gergen as a guest speaker for any occasion or if you have a prayer need and would like for us to agree with you in prayer personally, please contact our offices at the above address or phone number. May God bless you richly......

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