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Clemency Ministries

Post Office Box 743, • Millbrook, AL 36054 • United States • (334)285-7071/see/charmin/CM02114

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RECON is the primary division of Clemency Ministries. RECON=Restoration;Equity;Credibility;Opportunism;Niching
Clemency/RECON adheres to the Doctrine of Salvation, the Ten Comandments and the Fruit of the Spirit. These provide for salvation, ethics and character building.Clemency/RECON is a transdenominational ministry.Depending on security and scheduling concerns,Clemency/RECON conducts 8 or more revivals per year in four central Alabama prisons. Each revival is designed around a three-session lesson on: one of the commandments, a fruit of the spirit, or an aspect of the doctrine of salvation.Each revival is conducted for three days, generally on the weekend of the 2nd Sunday of each month,from February through November.

The worship services are generally 2 to 3 hours in length.We always begin with prayer and a congregational singalong medley of good ole gospel favorites. After this we have a special guest for testimony or song.Then a minisermon challenge by a team member--Wayne Colin, and after that a demonstration in sign language by Angela Williams--The Silent Messenger, teaching the inmates to sign a popular chorus. After that comes a gospel music presentation by one of our local gospel groups--we have several local groups and soloists who volunteer their time and talents.The sermon follows the gospel music. Each sermon is topic-specific, consists of at least 3 major points, and each point is supported by at least 3 scripture references. An invitation is given after the message. For more info or to schedule a revival contact or call (334)285-7071

Clemency -- Music Group

Clemency is presently performing gospel music concerts in central Alabama churches, prisons and childrens' homes.With their heartfelt and energetic style, Clemency connects with souls. In a mixture of down-home good-ole southern gospel favorites, original prison-gospel songs, original gospel rhythm-n-blues and contemporary folk ballads,and plain-old born-again honky-tonk, Clemency will rattle your spiritual cage. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll clap your hands and pat your feet, ...or you'll earn your place among the chosen-frozen.

Clemency has completed two recording projects, Decapolis & Walk On Down, which are available on cassette tape, and will soon be available on a single CD. For more info or bookings contact or call (334)285-7071

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