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National Evangelization Teams

110 Crusader Ave. W., • W. St. Paul, MN 55118 • United States • 612-450-6833/see/charmin/CM02028

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Great Retreats!!

The National Evangelization Teams are a Catholic youth ministry. Teams of 10 to 12 young adults dedicate one year of thier lives to traveling aroun the US and putting on retreats for high school and middle school aged youth. The retreats consist of talks, dramas, games, small groups, and prayer. They can be a very powerful experience (I know, I've helped lead almost 300 of them). The teams are very dynamic, and are excellent at meeting the youth where they are. It is, however, the power of God through prayer that wins so many hearts. If you would like to have a NET team come to your parish, call or write the NET headquarters to inquire. Or write your Bishop and ask if there is a NET team sserving in your diocese this year. 612-450-6833

Truly Giving Your Life to God

If you are a Catholic young adult between the ages of 18 and 30, I ancourage you to apply. You could dedicate the next nine months of your life to serving God's young people all over the US. I have served for the last two years on two different NET teams. They have been the most rewarding and challenging years of my life. If you wish to serve our Lord, and have a heart for young people or ministry--consider applying. NET is a nine month commitment. It begins in August with five weeks of training. At the end of those five weeks, teams are sent out to several diocese. The teams put on retreats for Catholic high schools and parishes across the US until May (with, of course, a Christmas break). If you are interested in this ministry write or call for more information. Or if you want firsthand knowledge of what liffe on the road with NET is like you may E-mail me. May God Bless and Keep You !! (=

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