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Door of Faith Free Medical Clinic

c/o Standford Christian Academy, 5423 Lott Rd. • 8 Mile, AL 36613 • United States • 334-645-9991/see/charmin/CM01999

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Door Of Faith Free Medical Clinic was started and organized by Eva S. Wheeless, CRNP,MSN to serve elderly, women, children,underinsured, and uninsured. Ms Wheeless, is a Family Nurse Practitioner practicing in Mobile, Alabama. Ms Wheeless, has been certified by The Alabama Board of Nursing to practice as an advance practice nurse, certified in family Nursing. Ms Wheeless,is certified by Americn Nurses Association, for the practice of Primary Care in Adult and Family Health Nursing Practice. Ms Wheeless, completed her undergraduate nursing degree from University of Alabama in Huntsville. Later Ms Wheeless, obtained her Masters in nursing from Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, Mississippi. Ms wheeless, has been in practice for 22 years and started in health ministry clinics in 1994. In Ms Wheeless's, role as an Advanced Practice Nurse Clinician, she is licensed to provide primary health care services. An Advance Practitioner Nurse Clinician can safely provide 80% of the same care and services a primary care physician provides.

The Door of Faith Clinic Free Clinic opened to serve the poor in June, 1997. The free clinic provides primary health services and medicines for elderly on Medicare because the Medicare program pays for the physician visits only, but does not pay for take home medicines. Many elderly live on fixed incomes and must decide where to buy medicines or eat. The clinic is open to serve the working poor only during evening hours. Most individuals identified as working poor have no paid off time to schedule off time off for clinic visits. Many of the working poor can not afford to loose money from loss of work to access day clinics to seek health services based on income. The Door of Faith Free Medical clinic, also provides health services for many single, working moms and their children residing in 8 Mile, Alabama , a rural community located approximately 20 miles West of Mobile, Alabama. Single moms who are working have very little income and others often have no transpotation. The free clinic also serves as a spiritual support ministry as well as a health ministry. The health professionals provide spiritually sensitive, quality health care services for the poor who are spiritually depressed and often have very little hope. At time of clinic visit ,often an offer of prayer is given to many individuals if a spiritual need is detected by those professionals providing health services. The free clinic is based at Standford christian Academy, 8 mile Alabama. Stanford Christian Academy is a chuch based, Christian school, a non- profit organization which rents space for the free clinic at a reduced lease rate. All medical equipment and supplies have been donated by local medical organizations. Medicines are donated by area physicians and manufactures. The clinic staff make up is Christian lay volunteers and medical professionals who desire to participate in a health ministry. The clinic is in need of immediate finanicial support inorder to continue providing these valuable health care services and spiritual support for the elderly and working poor. The clinic would like to expanded services such as a home , computer generated, telephonic, monitering service for stay home elderly and latch key kids of single, working moms. The literature states the elderly population will double in a few short years and aoly 20% reside in nursing homes. Today the majority of moms are single and must work to survive with their school aged children forced to go home alone after school. These programs would call the residence of the elderly living alone or the unsupervised, school aged child at intervals. If no answer occurred after more than one attempt, the service would be designed to notify nearest of kin to go to the residence to evaluate or call 911. The clinic is in need of software and programers who can and are willing to donate their talents to write these monitering programs for these two valuable community services. Please contact Eva Wheeless, CRNP,MSN at if any interested individual or organization would like to donate to Door of Faith Free Medical Clinic any services, medical supplies, and financial support. May God pour out multiple blessings on individuals or organzations donating to The Door of Faith Free Medical Clinic.


He that given unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.

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