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India Prayer & Fellowship Association

24/5, Western apartments,, Anna Nagar West Extn., • Chennai. 600101, TN 600101 • India • 091 44 6286903/see/charmin/CM01963

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A Voice Crying Out From The Wilderness ...

.. go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.


1. To reach all the non-Christians and ell them the good news. 2. To reach every home systematically and give the message, so that no even one is missed and they cannot say, "no one told me!" 3. To leave the introduction letter even if the house is locked. 4. To come back and pray for those who rejected Jesus. 5. To send by post different follow up materials.. 6. To have personal contacts with those who accept the message and allowed us to pray for them. 7. To start care cells ( cell groups) and prepare the new babes into salvation and baptism. 8. To attach them to a Full Gospel Church or plant a Church depending on their needs. We live in the enemy territory, " The whole world lies in the power of the evil one " (I John 5:19). The power He has given to the least of His little ones is greater than all of the power of the enemy - He has given us His Son. India Prayer & Fellowship Association is a registered trust in India and started our mission from 6th Jan. '98. We are doing evangelism among non-believers. We do door to door ministry area wise and have close friendly relationship with those who responded for prayer and lead them to salvation. We start prayer cells and Sunday Schools area wise so that the children of our contacts get regular teaching also. We have regular free postal follow up to those who are double minded. We provide free literature, tracts and Christian comic books. As the number of contacts are increasing day by day we are looking for sponsors to support evangelists / counselors, supply of material, etc. The Church of IPFA is planted in a rented house. We need donors to build a low budget Church in this place. We will be pleased to hear from you more of your experiences and advisees in the field of evangelism and ways to meet our further needs. Please write to our `e mail' address or phone / fax 091 44 6386903. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the world. Matthew 28: 18-20

News Update

Spiritual Warfare

As believers & workers for His Kingdom we are indeed in enemy's territory. When even we try to preach the `Good news' the enemy's camp gets alert and tries various methods to destroy the good work. But the Word of God says don't get viery in doing good for at due season you will reap the harvest. God in His wisdom has provided many spiritual weapons to protect, defend and attack the enemy. We were blessed by a systematic teaching given on the topic by Bro. Kirk Pope and Sis. Jane Pope for our IPFA staff and some of our church members. This was held thrice a week for three weeks. Each session we had 2.5 hours training. The Lord exposed many areas in which we need to learn, confess, commit and obey through their teachings. As it was given in segmented way we could digest and them properly. Latter we even needed counselling prayer and help, the `Popes' were there to extend it for us happily. God is so good as a team we learnt a lot in these three weeks and we started applying in our ministerial walk. Popes were good teachers ( as they are by profession ) and the resources they have collected over the years mixed with their practical experience were of immense help to us. Shanthi did the interpretation in Tamil. Areas like sexual sin doorways, ancestral curses and how to confess and break and ask forgiveness to God were taught openly for the first time to such Tamilian groups. How to improve our quite time & build the relationship with the Lord in personal level was a practical help for all of us. Indeed the Lord has equipped us as a better soldiers after this training so that we could obey our Captain Jesus and walk in His foot steps. After the break IPFA started meeting personally all the four hundred contacts first instead of going to new places and completed whole list and sorted out further follow up to be done. A separate database is prepared for the children list of the area. Christian comic books were sent to them by post and personal contacts are made inviting them to attend Sunday class. Sunday school branches out As the number of children contacts are increasing, there is space problem in our house and the children were to walk a long distance crossing the main roads, we were looking for a place in there own area. A prayer house which conducts regular weekly prayer meetings on the terrace of a house with thatched roof offered there place when we talked to them for the need of the Sunday class in there area. The prayer house is run a bus conductor and his wife a school teacher who had the calling to cater the spiritual needs of the people in the area.. IPFA has agreed to send teachers and slowly train there own staff. The Sunday school was inaugurated on 5th July and the first day attendance was fifty nine children which was amazing and we never expected. Again we are breaking our head for more space and teachers. The thatched roof is already in bad shape and we are not sure whether it will pass this rain. Any body who has a burden may support by sending Rs.5000/- to recondition the roof. And we are sure that it is His harvest and the Lord is going to meet all our needs.

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