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Harvestime Revivals

Robert and Lesa Corbell, Route 2 Box 14m • Cushing, TX 75760 • United States • 409-326-9943/see/charmin/CM01945

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In the past years, God has brought rivers of revival to many churches thoughout the world. But i beleive it's time to take His blessing of revival outside of the church walls. That means that we will not only be ministering in churches, but we will also be in the streets. In Ezekiel 48:9 it says " AND IT SHALL BE THAT EVERY LIVING THING THAT MOVES, WHEREVER THE RIVERS GO, WILL LIVE. We are going to help to take the river of rivival to the streets of the world. Isn't it time for healing to come to them? Isn't it time for deliverance to come to them? Isn't it time for the church to bring life to them, that they might see the REALITY OF JESUS.


Organizing churches for street meetings. Training people in altar ministry, children crusade ministry, door to door evangelism, intecessory prayer. To follow with a four day crusade in streets.

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