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All about us: REVIVAL

Apostle Allen Bush continually demonstrates the strength of God. Clearly teaching and preaching the understanding of faith and prayer, Love of God.

The evangelical voice of Apostle Allen Bush brings understanding and salvation to fallen men and women in God's name. God's power through the ministry of Apostle Allen Bush brings Revival to young and old at all levels of understanding. Revivals under the anointed ministry of Apostle Allen Bush offers each and everyone a safe and spiritual avenue of escape from Satan's bondage. Apostle Allen Bush miisters counseling and healing to the sick and troubled. Reaching out to every individual, meeting them at their spiritual need. PRISON MINISTRY Apostle Allen Bush also provides a ray of light and hope for those men and women incarcerated.

MINISTRY FOR MINISTERS Seminars and Workshops

Apostle Allen Bush, by God's Grace, offers seminars and workshops for ministers - regardless of age - who will benefit through renewal and counseling. In the lives of many of our revered and great ministers, renewal and revival of spirituality is necessary for sucess of their continuing ministries Many young ministers need counseling and additional teaching about the rigors of evangelical life and warfare with Satan, all of which are constant challenges for men and women of the ministry. Ministers become eary and stressful under the weight of leadership and everyday living as do all men and women. Until now, personal or professional matters with without assistance, the direct prupose of helping men and women of God is one of Apostle Allen Bush's missions. Whether conducting whorkshops/seminars for ministers or Revivals, Apostle Allen Bush continually shines as a light in a dark place, worldwide... STAY WITH GOD!

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