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WHO AM I? (Brief background)

Dr. Jenkins has been involved in public ministry for more than twenty years. He has preached across much of the United States and most of Canada. He has planted three churches in Canada. He is past C.E.O. of National Native Bible College, Ontario. He is a past professor of Canadian School of Christian Ministry, Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Jenkins has four earned theological degrees and is also a certified Psychotherapist and Counselor by the Evangelical Order of Ceritifed Pastoral Counselors of America. Dr. Jenkins has recently accepted the position of Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies at Sarnia School of Ministry, 1299 Murphy Road, Sarnia, Ontario N7S 2Y7.


Terrance Jenkins is available for ministry anywhere across the world. He is known as a minister who preaches to encourage God's people that the situation in which they find themselves does not matter. They should use their circumstances as stepping stones to greater things in God. "Nothing is impossible to him who believes" and "All things are possible." God is not a God of the "used-to-be" or "will-be," He is the God of RIGHT NOW FOR A RIGHT NOW MIRACLE.

Rev. David Wheeler says, "Terrance preaches with excitement, compassion and faith, as few preachers can. His heart's desire is to share God's healing power, hope and salvation to those in need. From experience of despair in his own life, he has developed a unique ability to touch people for God. Rev. Glen Dueck says, "Pastor Jenkins is a man of deep conviction, sound Biblical knowledge, and a sparkling public speaker. He demonstrates great wisdom in counseling and pastoral duties. If you would like to contact Dr. Jenkins at T.U. Jenkins Ministries you may do so in the following ways: Tel. (519) 742 - 1037 e-mail: ICQ World Wide Pager: Rev. Jenkins is available, as previously stated for weekend meetings, weekly meetings, seminars, etc. My prayer for you is that the Lord will bless you abundantly with health, wealth and all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. Keep looking up - Your answer is on the way.

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