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Two Again Ministries

2664 E. Desert Lane, • Gilbert, AZ 85234 • United States • (602) 926-8194/see/charmin/CM01899

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Two Again Ministries for Blended Families

Our mission is to serve God by ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of blended families and those contemplating remarriage through Biblical teachings, applications of the Word, and supportive fellowship.

The Two Again Sunday School Class was started by a small group of Believers in second relationships who recognized the need for God's strength and communal support for those in a blended family situation.

God has been productive, and his work can be seen in the activities of this group, including a weekly Bible study, a woman's group, couples and family social activities, and a children's ministry. Two Again is active in the Hand, Heart, and Head Ministries at Central Christian Church in Mesa, Arizona.

Sunday School classes include both Scriptural Studies of the Bible and Application Studies covering a variety of topics. These topics include Blended Families; In-laws, Outlaws, & Ex-laws; Finances; and Blended Children. All studies are Scripturally based and God led.

If you would like more information about our ministry, please contact us at

The Bunny Trail ... by Dave Olson

Our Spaghetti Dinner Night was a night to remember. The table was set with fine china, linen tablecloths and napkins, candles, wine and a dozen roses. A Natalie Cole tape was setting the mood with "Unforgettable" in the background. The table was by the pool so the full moon could reflect off the water and highlight my Princess. The homemade spaghetti sauce had been cooking since noon and the fresh loaf of French bread had just come out of the oven. What more could I do to set the mood and prepare the way for my special message?

Just after a sip of wine (to cleanse my palate) we embarked on a passionate kiss and then I whispered into her ear the three most important words of all time..."I Love You."

Her response was completely underwhelming, "Yeah, sure, I bet you say that to all the girls."

I was taken aback that my reputation should precede me so. "No, really, I love you." I sputtered, trying to sound even more sincere.

"U-huh, u-huh, I'll believe it when I see it."

It was then that I knew what my life's work was to be. I think my Princess had been reading and heeding Proverbs 20:6, "Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find?"

Women know what this verse is talking about. "Yeah, you can talk a good talk, but the proof of love is by your actions over a lifetime. I took a big chance by marrying you, now lets see if you really do love me."

The way a man can prove his love is by being faithful to her in everything. Faithfulness to your wife is more than keeping your zipper up; it is a way of life. Every day is an opportunity to practice faithfulness in your actions toward, your speech of, and your consideration for your wife in everything you do.

Its going on two years since Spaghetti Dinner Night, and I think she's starting to believe me when I tell her that I love her. I guess I had better prove it

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