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Witness II Witness, P.O. Box 585126 • Orlando, FL 32858-5126 • United States • 407-523-0802/see/charmin/CM01882

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Witness II Witness

The Mission of WITNESS II WITNESS is to illustrate "The Story Behind The Glory." In other words, we want to bring to the forefront God's power, by illustrating the true life events of individuals who have been delivered from incredible challenges, and who have beat the odds. We want to provide a picture of their lives before, during, and after deliverance. We believe that what God did for one person, he can do for another. As Romans 2:11 says, "For there is no respect of persons with God."

The WITNESS II WITNESS PROGRAM is a radio and television broadcast inspired by God through the Holy Spirit. This program will offer our audience encouragement through real testimonies of deliverance from addictions, sickness, marital problems, financial difficulties, etc. We believe these testimonies will literally allow faith to come forth in the lives of individuals who are going through similiar. challenges. Individual testimonies will also be placed in our quarterly newsletter and internet site. If you would like to be involved with this dynamic ministry by planting a seed of faith with your personal testimony, please write us at: Witness II Witness, P.O. Box 585126, Orlando, FL 32858-5126 or E-Mail us at

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