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Project Cross

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About Project Cross

Founded in 1988 by Sam and Pat Herrin, Project Cross is a nondenominational evangelical missionary organization with ministry in countries of the former Soviet Union. Ministry activities have included distribution of Bibles, New Testaments and Christian literature, some of which was translated from English to Russian and printed by Project Cross; encouragement and material assistance to local pastors and missionaries; collaborating with local pastors for evangelistic/missionary outreach; and leading small teams to Russia at the invitation of local pastors for evangelistic and teaching missions in churches, schools, prisons, hospitals and orphanages. Currently, ministry is centered in the Russian Federation Republic of Udmurtia, where we have assisted in the construction of a House of Prayer, Christian children's camps, and sending of missionaries to surrounding towns/villages in northern Udmurtia. As a Statement of Faith, Project Cross adopted the Lausanne Covenant (}. We are a qualified IRS Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Project Cross Board of Directors

Rev. Sam Herrin, President
Pat Herrin, Secretary/Treasurer
Rev. and Mrs. Bobby Keen; Mr. and Mrs. Bob King; Rev. and Mrs. Jim Miller; Rev. and Mrs. Dennis Smith; Mrs. Euletta Sohl.

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