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Bright Morning Star Evangel. & Relief Organizatio

3412 S Ricardson Ave #325, • Ceres, CA (So West U.S. Ops Ctr.) 95261 • United States • 615-676-5384 fx: 928-438-8402/see/charmin/CM01866

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Our Work: Ministry & Relief:

Ministry of deep personal love of Jesus to poor destitute off the beaten track back roads churches, ministries, fellowships & schoools of USA & India. Includes Pulpit Ministry Personal Ministry, Prayer Counselling, Evangelization, Pastoral Encouragement and Support as well as taking Relief in the form of Food, Clothing, Building materials, worship materials, Bibles, pulpit supplies to the above named Christ Centered, organizations. We also place older computers and software in poor churches as well as autos and pick up trucks. Contact us at or see our address and telephone number.

Needs of the Ministry: Here and Abroad

Prayer Supporters, Intercessors, Purchase, Acquisition or Use of Semi Trucks and trailers for relief transport by ministry teams, ministry team members, donations of food and clothing, building materials, use of your RV for a travel and ministry trip or season, older cars, trucks, computers, or personal new or treasured gifts for our personal pastor's ministry "Pastor's List" where YOU send a poor pastor and his or her spouse and family a needed or desired personal item like a sewing machine, or a new dress, or a piece of fine china and YOU build a personal suportive, encouraging relationship with that Poor Pastor or ministry director and encourage them in prayer and personal encouragement and support. Purchase, acquisition and outfitting of older pusher school buses, diesel powered as travel and ministry vehicles transporting teams, supplies and ministry results to the receivers of God's growth and good at our hand. Funding, property, (or use of) gifts of portfolio, resources of any and all kinds including grants and gifts for our work at God's hand. Volunteer Personnel for our office staff (located anywhere) communication and information staff, administrative staff, on the road ministry staff, advisors, supporters, mentors, and helpers in the Kingdom of God who God would give a heart for our work. Funding for our operational and administrative expenses as well as our upcoming trip to India in early 1999. $5,000.00 Supporters who would be willing to place, pledge or assign capital funds with our offshore contacts for high return yields to establish base funds for the carrying out of our financial needs on an ongoing basis. Prayer Partners who would hold us before the throne of God on a 24 hour a day basis. Prayer for our faithfulness of heart and hand at the carrying out of our call in His kingdom.

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