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Bride Of His Son Ministries/The Queen Esther Movem

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The Queen Esther Movement!

A fresh, innovative site geared towards urban Christian pre-teen, teen and college entry-level females (of all ethnicities) who desire to roll Biblically in regards to issues they face daily. Also, facilitates a seminar, "Girl, Whatcha gonna be? a concubine or a Queen!" to teen girls 12 years and up, using life experiences and Biblical principles regarding: flattery, when you want love don't dress for sex, jealousy, dating violence, motivating not manipulating, stay out of his bed until you wed!

The Queen Esther Movement 2

Series 2 of the internet division of BOHS Ministries. This site compels our girls to make correct choices spirituall and physically. Music, magazine and book review sections, Bible studies and opportunities to deepen their walk. They are taught the importance of communication, continually exhorted to remain sexually pure, be a strong witness for Christ before their peers.

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