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Counting the Cost

Luke 14: 25-33
What does it mean when Jesus says, "And he who does not take up his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me."(Matthew 10:38) In this He asks that we give to Him all that we are, above every thing else. Jesus asked His disciples to follow Him. He did not tell them to go home and pack or kiss their parents wives or kids good-bye. His words were "Follow Me!" plain and simple. They dropped their nets and left behind who they were, ready to be molded of the Master's hands. Have you ever been criticized for your faith or for being a christian? Have you ever had those who do not understand what your relationship to the Lord means? Or how important it is that you put the Lord first above all eals, even them? Being a christian, a follower of Jesus, or a child of God, how ever you consider yourself is not as important as your relationship with the Lord Almighty. Some people just waht to see you as they preceive, they do not understand of care to see Christ in you. Yet, you feel insulted at what was said. Don't retaliate for all things are in the Lord's hands and be not over concerned at what is said by those who do not really care to know you. They cannot see the heart into which God sees and knows you by. Fear not, for God loves you. So hold on to Him who strengthens you. Place your life in His hands and trust in Him leaning not on your own understanding. Set into motion a time of prayer, lifting them up to the Lord, that He may work on their hearts. We as Christians are not to seek the glory of men. Seek only to glorify God by being obedient to His will and desires for your life.

Can the Ordinary do the Extraordinary

Have you ever felt that you could nevr do anything important in your life? Or some days felt quite useless in the world today? Well, you should know that God has a special plan for your life that was desighed only for you. God has a way of usnig the ordinary to do the extraordinary. You can look through the scriptures and see where he has done the unexpected with those who felt unworthy. Look at Moses who was chosen to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt, (Ex. 3-4) a boy named David who befell the giant Goliath, (1 Sam. 17) or Mary a young virgin girl called to give birth to the Son of God. (Luke 1) There are many more that were asked by God to do the extraordinary and made a differance. My challenge for you is to seek the scriptues and the Lord in prayer, to see where He is guiding you. And never feel that what ever type of burden He puts on your heart is impossible, to small or not very important at all because with God and through God all things are possible and very important to Him. His plan for your life is important enough for Him that if you pay close attention, you can see Him at work. ~TLB~

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