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Grace of God Ministries, Inc.

13 East 20th Street, P. O. Box 41350 • Baltimore, MD 21203-6350 • United States • 410-547-1118/see/charmin/CM01804

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The Grace of God Has Appeared to All Men...

Understanding the times and the season, Grace of God Ministries was formed to make available to all the grace of God that brings salvation. Since 1989, it has been this mission/goal which continues to propel this ministry to new heights each year. Since the needs of men are so different, as well as the diversity of mankind, it is important that various avenues are used to promote the message of Jesus Christ and His saving grace. Hence the various ministries under the one banner. Each entity, though unique, founds its common bond in its goal to make available the grace of God. Notwithstanding, this ministy remains apart of the Greater Grace Church of Jesus Christ, through its founder, Bishop Carl H. Montgomery, Senior Pastor.


Paul saids, "I commend you to God and to the WORD OF HIS GRACE..." Hence, the bookstore, located at the Greater Grace Church of Jesus Christ is stocked with life changing books and tapes. The materials available are designed to introduce one to the grace of God and to help one grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The bookstore feature preaching and teaching tapes of Bishop Carl Montgomery, as well as gospel CD and tapes of other musicians and ministers. You may visit the bookstore at 13 E. 20th Street.

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