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Sister Faith Magdalena's Community Page

July 4th Community Weekend Report

Wow! What blessings. What fun. Folks from Houston, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Aledo, Crowley, Irving, Austin and Bedford gathered at Caddo Lake State Park. Singing, Praising, Encouraging, learning fun ways to share the Word of God with others. This intergenerational weekend was a great adventure.

Some skits were prepared in advance. Others came forth when a few folks got their heads together. Personally, when Goliath (Mike Holt, with red beard and hair, garbage can lid and broom stick in hand ) was slain by 3' tall David (Cody A. from Aledo), I was thrilled. Michael's 6'3" frame filled up the room. And when that giant fell, he really fell!

Dana Glaze made up a great narration of King Darius's delimma on the spot. David G. (King Darius) really struggled over the plight of poor Daniel (Jeff H}.

Bob Bull was a wonderful counselor for the boys in the lodge. His canoe (imported all the way from Aledo to the shores of Caddo) was a hit with all. We especially enjoyed the watermelons he packed in that canoe as he hauled it in the back of his pickup truck. And we are really thankful he brought his guitar along. Together with Mike Holt at keyboard, they led us in lots of choruses of lively and prayerful songs.

This interchurch intergenerational gathering included folks ranging from age 6 to senior citizens, and from Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Catholic and Lutheran home churches .

We toured the bayous of Caddo with guide Dan Lomax, passing between Spanish moss draped 1600 to 2000 year old cypress trees. Passing only a few feet from the entrances to beavers dens, we saw blue herring, cranes, ducks, and other wild life .

Will Howard and fellow artists Scott E., Ashley E., Stephen A, Cody A., Robert G., Aragorn W., Abraham and Jeff H. showed us some of their interpretations of God's community and Word. Bruce Cates, Kelly Perry and Mary Hexoc taught us about Moses. Cindy Wagley, Mike Holt and Anna Cheatwood showed us the differences between various kinds of LOVE. Melanie Clark helped with logistics and registration . Will Howard and Bob Bull were nature trail leaders.

We experienced God's blessing visually, musically, prayerfully, and in community.

End of Summer Community Gathering Planned for Dallas Fort Worth Area

Time, date and place to be determined.

Will incorporate music, skits, and learning fun ways to share the WORD in community. This intergenerational event will probably occur on a Saturday afternoon. Probably it will begin about 2 o'clock, include a light supper (sandwiches or pizza) and conclude about 8 p.m. All of this is very tenative. You are the COMMUNITY. Let us know when and where you want to gather!

If interested, E-Mail Sister Faith Magdalena for more information.

Silent Retreat at Caddo
Planned for October 16-18

Limited space available in cabins. We will observe silence for several hours each day. (Times to be determined by participants.) As a community we'll gather for Morning Prayer,Noon Devotional, Evening Prayer and Compline.

You are welcome to make reservations for your own cabin with the State Park Reservation office (512 389-8900). Please hurry. The cabins are usually booked several months in advance.

For more information, E-Mail:

Holiday Outing to Marshall & Jefferson

December 11-13

We'll stay at Caddo Lake.Ladies, some space is available in cabins already booked. You are welcome to book your own cabin through the State Park Reservation office, if you wish. Please notify Sister Faith Magdalena by E-Mail of your plans if you intend to join us.

Those in the Dallas Fort Worth area will probably car pool down Friday afternoon, meeting in Marshall for a tour of the lights before checking into the cabins. We'll enjoy Morning Prayer and the quiet of Caddo Lake before embarking on excursions to Marshall and historic Jeffereson.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to pause and remember He about Whom this Season is all about. We welcome you should you wish to join us.

Let us know if you'd like to be on our cyber prayer chain.


May God richly bless you. May you reflect HIS GLORY in all you do! May His Spirit grow in you, touching those around you.

He asks little of us... merely that we love one another with His love. He gives us each other to be His Community for each other. Merry Christmas!


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