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JFJ Ministry

JFJ Ministry, 1060-A 7th Street • Honolulu, HI 96819 • United States • /see/charmin/CM01660

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What is JFJ?

JFJ (Jammin For Jesus) is a mobile disc jockey ministry that exists to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ throught the Gospel as proclaimed in Christian music; and to show Christians an alternative to secular music.
"GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT!" We believe secular music has negative enfluences on the lives of it's listeners whereas Christian music provides a positive atmosphere by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Music is such a large part of everyone's life whether realized or not; because of this, we want to use it reach people for Christ and introduce Christians, who may listen to secular music on a regular basis, to music with words that REALLY has something to say.
CHECK US OUT! We play music at a variety of events in the Honolulu area to include: Church picnics, Youth Lock-ins, Dances, Beach parties, Birthday parties, Christmas and skating parties, Give us a call to schedule us for your next big event!!!
MUSIC INVENTORY? Our inventory consists of Contemporary, Rock, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, Praise, Country, and Gospel music. We have just the right music for an event.
HOW MUCH DO WE CHARGE? Nothing!!! That's right! We do not charge for this ministry. We love playing Christian music. However, if you feel you want to donate, all donations are accepted and appreciated. They are always placed back into the ministry through tithing, updating of Christian music inventory, and by giving to other ministry needs.


Thomas "Duane" Keller and Eddie A. Broughton are both active duty servicmen. Duane is a security policman in the United States Air Force. Eddie is an Orthopaedic Clinic manager in the United States Army. Both are stationed in Hawaii. Duane is married and has three children; he and his family attend First Southern Baptist Church of Pearl Harbor where Duane and his wife, Becky serve as senior youth workers. Eddie is married and has two chidren. He and his family also attend First Southern Baptist Church of Pearl Harbor where Eddie serves as deacon and his wife, Glenna works with Women's Missions. Duane and Eddie both have deep love for music that lifts up the name of the Lord.
BOOKING INFORMATION: If you would like more information about us or would like to book us for an event, please feel free to email us at the address below.

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