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Just Ask

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Research For Churchs, Bible Study Groups.

We help to spread The Good News By doing research for different Churchs, small study groups, and anyone else that is in need. We are volunteers for the A.B.S., Campus Crusade for Christ, Jesus Video Project, and we use any other way that God sets on our heart to do. Every thing we can do to spread The Word is a blessing to us. If we can help your Church, Bible Study Group, or you yourself, by doing research, a prayer or answer a question for you, please feel free to ask. The best way to contact Just Ask would be by fax if you have a way to fax, because we need as much detail as you can provide us with. That way we can do a better job of answering your questions. If you don't have a way to fax us then use the Email or you may now mail to us, using our mail box. We never charge for any of our services. We are Christians, but we still have a warm heart and kind ear for our Hebrew and Muslem brothers and sisters. If you are of some other faith, please still feel free to ask us to help you with research. We will do every thing we can to help you. Peace Be To All In True Faith!!!

Just Ask Needs Your Help:

You could help us alot, if you could email or fax us the name of chruchs you know of that has all of the offerings sent to the church headquarters by each family each month. Most churchs take's up the offering at the local church. If you know of one that does not, then please let us know about the church and how you feel about this manner of thaking offering> --------------------May your week be fruitful, peacesful, and Blessed. ----------------------------------------------------------Remember!!! --------------------------------------------------------------Just Ask

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