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New Jerusalem Baptist Ministries

520 Cutler Street, • Waterloo, IA 50703-2454 • United States • (319)233-5976/see/charmin/CM01537

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Mission Statement:

To provide "Spiritual Growth", by way of Spiritual Education and personal Biblical Training, and "Physical Growth", by way of assisting in obtaining and maintaining basic human needs.


    New Jerusalem Baptist Ministries consist of community minded people who serve God 
by assisting others. We hold to the calling of aid to others in the highest respect.
The foundation of our Ministry is on teachings of Jesus, as He helped all those who
were need, both physically and spiritually.


This ministry is gear to help those who are lost to the world. To provide
an alternative way, that leads to life in Christ, to that of the darkness which
this world has only to offer.


We have many ministries, including a strong emphasis on our youth of today. The
Youth In Crisis program, to name one, has had a great impact on the youth in this
area in 1997. We hope to double our efforts in 1998.


We continue this Ministry only through the power of God and donations from godly
people who share our vision. Last year, we recieved a grant from our city, combined
with other dontions helped make 1997 an joyful year for many of our community youth
and young adults.

If you would like to contact us or for more information about us, please write, fax or

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