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ABOUT CMPN's National Church Placement Service

Christian Ministries Placement Network (CMPN) has been successfully serving ministers and churches from the United States and Canada for placement since 1991. Our history of satisfied network members shows CMPN to be the single most targeted and effective method for ministerial candidates and local churches to find one another. We have additional information and a free application for ministers and churches upon request.

How CMPN's National Church Placement Service work

Church representatives contact us and ask for our assistance in filling an opening. They provide us with information abaout their requirements. We then refer to data taken from the ministers file. From that information we carefully consider if the opening would be of interest to them. If the church's information closely resembles what the minister has requested, i.e. position, church affiliation, geographical preference etc, the minister will be promptly notified with a "church profile". Ask about our Team Referral Program for ministers. Our service is free to all Christian Churches.

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