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The Ministry of Fellowship United in Jesus Christ exists for, among other things, to show Love and Kindness to all children in the Spirit of Christ. This includes their right education, nurturung according to their laws of human and spiritual development, and their protection from abuse, neglect and degradation. Furthermore, in the case of women to restore, wherever possible to the women of our times the Dignity, Respect, Consideration, caring fellowship and Love clearly demonstrated by Jesus and his followers to the women of their time. This includes special prayer meetings and fellowship, Christian Value development, Nutritional and other Health Development, Self-Employment development, and the preservation of the right to free agency within the bounds of responsibility.(See DEVELOPMENT IN FELLOWSHIP at


The Ministry of Fellowship United in Jesus Christ is pledged to support wherever possible all Governmental and Non-Governmental efforts at community building and promotion of the public welfare IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST. This includes Christian Love and Sharing with non-members after the example of Jesus Christ. It involves the responsibility to bring Christian edification to members and non-members alike, and in communities without reference to color, race, or denomination, patterned on the principles of living as outlined in the Bible and any other inspired record of the Holy Spirit. The Ministry is pledged furthermore to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and communicate its spirit in whatever ways possible and feasible, using all acceptable media communication means and distribution. For a copy of our latest production SOUL TALK, e-mail us at

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