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God Loves You, no matter where you are now or where you have been. God loves you just as you are. We believe that it is our duty to introduce you to Our Lord Jesus Christ and let Him, God and the Holy Spirit to guide you. If you need help or someone to talk to, email us and we will try to get any help you may be in need of. Prayer is the most powerful way to find help from God. God wants to have a personal relationship with you, so start now and pray always. God Bless You!! Web Site Homepage

Great Hope
Bible Institute

Great Hope Bible Institute Correspondence School
Post Office Box 472
Wimberley, Texas 78676

Phone Toll Free: 877-472-1941

Basic Courses

Based on God's infallible Word, Great Hope Bible Institute's basic Bible courses have been used to lead many thousands of people to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation. Many more have grown spiritually through studying these progressive Bible courses.

Courses are designed to be suitable for different ages and cultures. The quiz included in each lesson helps the student learn the truths without intimidation. When he finishes a course, the student will receive a certificate.

It is the policy of Great Hope Bible Institute to use the King James Version in its lessons. However, where the meaning may not be clear to the student because of words which we do not use today, we reserve the right to research those words in their original language and express their meaning in present-day English.

See & Do, Courses 1 and 2

Designed for children ages 4-6, these courses present Bible truths through well-illustrated stories. Each course includes a picture to be colored that reinforces the story, and the quiz is designed to be read to the child by a parent or teacher. (There are seven lessons in each course.)

Storytime Mailbox Club, Courses 1 and 2

These courses are for children ages 7-8. Each well-illustrated lesson has a short continued story to which children easily relate. The biblical truth taught in the story is augmented by a puzzle page and checked by the quiz. (There are seven lessons in each course.)

Explorers Mailbox Club, Course 1

For those who are 9-10 years old or those who have completed the Storytime courses, these eight lessons explain what God is like, what man is like, who our enemy is, and how a person can become a child of God. Each lesson includes a puzzle page.

Explorers Mailbox Club, Course 2

What does Jesus want me to do? Seven lessons deal with assurance, growth, obedience, and the Christian walk. Like Explorers, Course 1, each lesson includes some fun-related activities.

Winners Mailbox Club, Courses A and B

A total of fifteen lessons deal with heaven, creation, the need of salvation, Christ's provision, and growing in the Christian life. Written for 11 and 12-year-olds, these lessons include a continuing story to illustrate the truth portrayed in that lesson.

A Country Called Heaven

More people have been saved while studying this course than any of the others. Beginning with A Country Called Heaven and ending with 4 Things God Wants You to Know, these seven lessons make the way of salvation crystal clear.

New Life In Christ, Course 1

12 lessons make God's salvation clear. This course is particularly suited for those who do not have an accurate concept of God. This course is suitable for teens and adults.

New Life in Christ, Course 2

Jesus Christ is presented as the Promised Savior, the Mighty God, the Lamb of God, our Intercessor, our Life, etc. Twelve different lessons view Christ from 12 different perspectives. This course is suitable for teens and adults.

The Mailbox Club, Course 3

For adults, this course discusses creation, the new birth, victory over Satan, soul-winning, and victory in Christ along with other topics. These 25 lessons, coupled with The Mailbox Club, Course 4, give the basics of living the Christian life.

The Mailbox Club, Course 4

For adults, this course teaches practical Christian living. Dealing with assurance, inferiority, conscience, authority, chastening, bitterness, etc., it has contributed to the spiritual growth of many people.

The Mailbox Club, Course 5

The newest of the Source of Light basic courses, these lessons express the depth of our salvation in Christ. This is an excellent course for older Christians.

Winning the Race of Life

Written originally to be used with the Olympics in 1996, this course compares the Christian life to running a race. Part of the course deals with the different names of God and the blessing each indicates. This course is good for teens and adults.

Basic Bible Truths

Great truths of the Bible such as repentance, faith, regeneration, adoption, and sanctification are taught. This course is great for adults who are serious about their Bible study.

Fishers of Men

A Christian's love for others will compel him to want to win souls for Christ. This course tells how to explain the Gospel and lead people to Christ. This is a great course for older teens and adults.

Love, Dating, and Marriage

Ideal for teens, this course discusses love, sex, dating, and marriage candidly, but not offensively. LDM tells how to apply scriptural principles to dating. Every teen needs to study these 12 lessons.

The Holy Spirit's Ministry

This single-lesson course explains the ministry of the Holy Spirit today.

The Spirit World

8 lessons teach about angels, Satan, demons, witchcraft, and other aspects of the spirit world. Written to meet the needs of Christians in certain parts of the world, the truths in this course have become important over all the world.

The Way to Heaven

Containing truths from several other courses, The Way to Heaven is produced in large print for those just learning to read or the visually impaired.

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