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Country Preacher Ministries Incorporated

352 Snake Road, • Lumberton, NC 28358 • United States • 910-738-3132/see/charmin/CM01369

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Country Preacher Ministries Incorporated

Included in this multi-faceted ministry is a dynamic television ministry to our local cable area, a radio broadcast six days each week, foreign missionary support, and providing free bibles to several lesser-developed countries. We have been providing free bibles nearly fifteen years through our mission program. Thousands of letters have been sent to us asking for these bibles and other literature that we can send. It is a real delight to be involved in this work because we see and hear the appreciation of souls hungry for the Word of God.

We also provide a contemporary worship setting at Country Bible Baptist Church, an enclusive multi-racial congregation of God's people loving Jesus and one another. This is the church I envisioned a few years ago I wanted to pastor. A church where anyone who wanted to worship the Lord Jesus Christ could come and feel welcome.

the Country Preacher (gospel cassette)

As a child I sang in the local youth choir. Having received a guitar when I was ten years of age from a former pastor who died the night he gave it to me, singing has always been a part of my life. Later singing on radio, television and in churches has been exciting and a delight. I suppose realizing I could write songs when I was sixteen was also very satisfying. I found that writing songs was easy and fun to do as a hobby. In the beginning I was writing ballads and country songs, but as my relationship to the Lord grew, I had a greater interest in writing gospel music. Recently I have released my first gospel cassette tape with nine songs that I wrote and sing. Quite a few of these have been sold on our daily radio broadcast "Bible Time." One of the songs especially has done fairly well which was written in memory of my mother who pasted away in 1987. It is entitled Mother's Day In Heaven. My music is just another way to share the Lord Jesus Christ with others.

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