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YouthGuy Ministries

432 Grasmere Drive, • Aberdeen, MD 21001 • United States • 410-273-1783/see/charmin/CM01330

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Who and What is the YouthGuy?

The YouthGuy is Tom Hodges. He is presently the Minister of Youth at the First Baptist Church in Havre de Grace, Maryland.
Tom specializes in relational, down to earth youth ministry that gets youth interested and involved. His relaxed, humorous, and straight-forward speaking style helps young people feel as though this guy has been there, done that, and even MADE the T-shirt. Tom has a way of helping teens realize that the problems and stresses that they deal with on a daily basis are real and just as important to God as any one else's. He helps them see that God cares for and loves them right where they are and that He will come and meet them at that very place. Tom will make your next lock-in, retreat, or outreach event something that will have an impact for years to come on the lives of some of the kids attending.

Okay, you have heard (or read) the "who" part of YouthGuy, you may be asking yourself, WHAT is the YouthGuy. It all started because of Tom being so relational with the kids. They felt so at home talking with him and hanging out with him...just like having an adult friend(oh no, not an adult). And since Tom is just a big kid himself...this name kind of fit and then it stuck. And because of his great passion to see young people come to know the Lord, he felt that the Lord had called him to begin telling those outside of his home church ministry and sharing the gifts that God had given him. Tom's special and pointed message is one of Christ's friendship as well as that of saviour and Lord. "It is when we begin to see Christ as a real live human...see his humaness that we can begin to realize the weight of what it is He did for us. That is the desire of all young know that someone REALLY cares about them enough to do what Jesus did." Tom delivers this message in such a way that the young people can understand and relate to...And they respond.

The honorarium is negotiable...the ultimate goal is lives changing!!! Ministry first!!!!

A Note from Tom

This ministry is in it's infancy. God has called me to deliver a message of hope and love to young people. They need to see Christ as personal....real....someone in whom they can place themselves in the care of. Once youth see Christ on their level, they can better understand Him on the (what I call) the "GOD level." That's where we make God(Christ) so unreachable. Christ wants to sit and talk with talk with them about their hurts and fears. I think that once youth experience Jesus on that level...the friendship level...that they will make a decision to know Him and then to get to know him better, and ultimately, respond to His calling on their lives.

I hope you will allow me the opportunity to share with your young people this special message. It is one they need to hear.

If you would like for me to send you a packet containing recomendations, a picture, and other various ministry related items, please contact me at the below address, phone #, or email address. I look forward to hearing from you and I guarantee you a great experience...chock full of humor and good fun. Thank you.

Tom Hodges
432 Grasmere Drive
Aberdeen, MD. 21001
Phone: 410-273-1783

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