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Publish The Word (PTW) commenced in February 1996 with the objective of spreading the gospel message to reach everybody everywhere employing the "paper & ink" method of evangelism through:

* written and comic gospel tracts/leaflets/booklets

*salvation newsletter

* Christian Journal

* Research

* Bible correspondence course

The various forms of gospel literature include gospelic tract, testimony tract, community-service tract, tourist tract and end-time tract. Volunteers are recruited to help in distributing gospel literature and in publishing work including translation and writing.

'And the Word of the Lord was published throughout the region' Acts 13:49

EFFECTIVENESS IN THE COMMUNITY - Message from The Director of Publish The Word(Malaysia)

As this century is coming to a close, it is necessary for us as Christians to ponder over this question:" How should we live our Christian life while waiting for Christ to return?" We often tend to feed ourselves with so much of `spiritual food' sometimes resulting in lacking of the idea of the improvement of human society. Some of us wait for the day and ignore tragedies and tensions of life faced by our community. It may be true to say that it is not enough just to proclaim the gospel and to care for those in need. We need to think further to carry on the Lord's ministry in the world,""to perpetuate what He did and to do what He would do were He still here". May I suggest some of the ways we as Christians should live among our community:

A) Evangelism

This is emphasized in both accounts of Jesus' last words to His disciples(cf. Matthew 28:19 and Acts 1:8). Without a doubt , we are commanded to evangelize. The lifestyle of evangelism in our community have been authorized and enabled by God for us to do the task. Are we willing to evangelize to those we found most difficult to love or least receptive to the gospel? Jesus also promised to be with us spiritually to the very end of the age. Therefore, Christians living in a community must be engaged in bringing the gospel to all people.

B) Social Concern

The parable of the good Samaritan(cf. Luke 10:25-27) tells us some truths about loving one's neighbour. He had nothing to do with the assault on the man going down to Jericho. And yet, he took upon himself to care for the victim's needs at personal cost, inconvenience, and possibly danger to himself. As Christians, we too must be concerned about hurt and need in our community. Concerning neighbourliness, do we speak to our neighbours? Do we avoid drug addicts because we have no trust in them? Is our vision of God's Kingdom help us to show concern to the poor, widows, elderly people, orphans, mental and disability people, former prisoners, and to the people with terminal illness? If we are not, we need to correct our vision.

Our genuine caring for so cial actions must not be motivated because our contribution is `tax-deductible'?!

C) Politics

We are also to be politically active either through joining a political party or be involved in politics. It is in politics that laws are passed and social policies thrashed out. Christians if given the chance should be involved in politics to make Christian values known. All people are equally precious to God.

As Christians, we need to see that distribution of wealth is not excessively distributed to one sector of the society. Christians are to proclaim justice against the world's theme of `favourites or vested interests'.

D) Prophetic Function

We take the cue from Jesus Himself who was incensed at seeing God's temple exploited for commercial gain. He declared judgment on those religious leaders described in Luke 20. As we live our Christian life in a community, our role is to speak out on national and local issues eg. addressing the environmental issue and the restriction of certain Malay terms in Christian literature.

E) Others

Lifestyle evangelism is almost portrayed in each scenario described in B, C & D. We need to practice what we preach. Others like edification of believers (which include the activities like fellowship, instruction or teaching, Christian education and preaching), and worship are part of Christian activities which center its attention upon ourselves.

It is therefore not selfish if our waiting and hoping for Christ's return drives us to mission, service, sacrificial love, and to fight injustice and inhumanity.

Pastor Goh Chee Beng


Publish The Word is a non-profit mission organization, and is looking for Christians who are able to spend their spare or free time to help in spreading the gospel message through literature work either at Kairos Center in Sri Damansara where PTW's office is located, or at home.

Areas you can be involved with:

Volunteer Distributors

As a volunteer distributor to hand-deliver gospel literature to the public. Madam Helen Khor, an insurance agent in Petaling Jaya, is one of the distributors. She spends her planned free time to place gospel tracts into the homes and offices, including those who are in the streets.

Ricky is another volunteer who concentrates his distribution in Chow Kit area. Both Madam Helen and Ricky attend the Grace Assembly and El-Shaddai Sanctuary respectively. Pray for them.

Translators/ Writers

As a writer or tanslator for new gospel tract editions in various languages. At the present, Mrs Minaga Ramulu of Kapar is translating and editing two Tamil scripts for future printing. Pray for her as she translates those materials. Mrs Ramulu attends the Tamil Methodist Church in Klang..

Editorial Work for 'SEGERA'

To compile and design contents for SEGERA, PTW's salvation newsletter in Malay. Two issues were printed and distributed previously. We need volunteers to work on the third issue, mainly targeting the non-believers who are proficiency in Malay.

Editorial Work on 'The Observer'

To edit and arrange articles for The Observer, PTW's newsletter on Christians thoughts of crucial topics affecting our spiritual and social concerns. The first issue in circulation focused on slandering and gossip. We need volunteers to work on the second issue on `Christian & The Environment'.

Social Concerns

Convalescent Home: Every month, Madam Helen Khor and Pastor Goh visit the Nursing & Convalescent Homes in Seremban to lend their moral support and to show care to the elderly people suffering from old age illness or other physical disabilities(eg. stroke,mental disorder,coma,etc.). Since the first visit in September 1996, six elderly people have prayed to receive Christ as their personal Savior. You may want to join us in one of our future visits.

Our recent visit revealed that some of them are depressed over their unresolved matters in their family. Please pray for them including the nurses and helpers at the center.

Madam Choong, aged 60, was observing us as we went around talking to other patients. She sat alone near the door, her head sagged down and her saliva kept flowing out from her mouth. She couldn't move her hands as she was partially paralyzed. We were told that she did not talk much. Madam Helen Khor initiated a conversation with her when she found out that the patient understood Mandarin. After a period of time, Madam Choong nodded her head indicating her desire to be prayed for her salvation. Finally, out of her own mouth, she said 'Amen!' to the astonishment of the nurses there.

Cancer Patients : People come from different places to receive chemotherapy treatment at Kairos Center in Sri Damansara, K.Lumpur managed by CanCare. The opportunity is given to us to extend friendship evangelism to the cancer patients, and sometimes to pray for them. Pray for Sister Anne Schumacher, the oncology nurse practitioner, and two other nurses, Sister Minnie and Sister Polly, both from The Philippines. Pray also for Dr. Ng, the visiting consultant medical oncologist.

Kairos Center is a drop-in and resource facility for medical and palliative oncology, and is nurse-run and nurse-driven. CanCare(M) Sdn.Bhd. has a very interesting web page on the internet nicknamed CancerWeb at

A Center for former prisoners and drug-addicts in Raub : Pastor Eric Chan and his wife Pastor Elizabeth, volunteer members of PTW, are setting up a center in Raub, Pahang, to help those who come out of prison and former drug addicts. The aim is to guide them into a proper place in the society. Pray for both of them in setting up the center. PTW is extending its arms into this area of ministry.


Sojourners: Which kind?

A group of sojourners is seen travelling on a journey where some of them are dragging a huge stack of baggage

and some of them are carrying lesser numbers of bags. Yet there are some of them who are carrying only one bag.

And yet some carry nothing except the clothes on their body.

Devotional Thoughts

Those bags the travellers are carrying or dragging whether big or small in quantity are seen as the cares of this world. They include our financial commitments,careers,hobbies,standard of living to maintain,material securities, all our wants and many others. To be an effective sojourner in God's Kingdom, the less bags we have, the easier for us to be used.

So, why not trust in God completely for our needs and provision. Let go all our cares of this world whether big or small.

Trust God that He will never fail to meet our needs. Let us learn to trust in the Almighty God a little at a time!

Just like the birds which fly in the air and has no worry about its shelter and food,

we must also learn to cast our cares upon our divine Creator. Unless we know how to cast all our cares upon God, we cannot be a sojourner. Therefore, do not be entangled by your wants and possessions on earth, by securities or anything that anchors our soul with anxiety and worry.

Where Do You Stand In Your Christian Faith?

Someone describes that there are three main groups of people in the journey of our Christian faith.

The first group is called "THE SUBMARINE GROUP" and is propelled by an engine. Most of the time, the submarine is probing in the darkness of the ocean and is always prone to oppression,suppression and depression.

The second group is called "THE LONE SWIMMER GROUP"

The third group is called "THE SAILING BOAT GROUP" and they depend on the wind to sail.

Devotional Thoughts

The capsule-shaped submarine with man-made structures are bound by the doctrines after doctrines and tend to keep things in order. They move on its own with the help of an engine. In other words, this group of people tend to use their own efforts, strength and intellect to do their work assuming that it is God's way.

It cannot be directed by the wind since it has no sail. In truest sense, they may have close fellowship among themselves because of good structures. And yet, if not careful, we can be caught groping in the dark murky waters of ocean usually on a busy tone.

"The Lone Swimmer Group" is not bound by doctrines or man-made structures. Usually, they are using their own strength to keep afloat. It is true to most of us. Sometimes we think we are indispensable and pretend to be heroes in our own eyes. Unknowingly, we forget that we are vulnerable to the attacks of sharks in the water. In our own strength and intellect, we are too busy to accomplish what we need to do in our Christian faith. We neither sail to catch the meaning of it nor ride on a boat in fellowship with other Christians.

Those who belong to "The Sailing Boat Group" usually understands the principles of God. Their fellowship are biblically based and are not in bondage to any man-made structures. They are in total dependence on the Spirit of God. They allow the wind of God to take their sail to whichever direction the wind takes them because a sailing boat has no engine of its own. It depends entirely on the direction of the wind.

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