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God can move through music

In Ephesians 5:18,19 The Bible says "And do not be drunk with wine,
in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit, speaking
to one another in psalms and hymms and spiritual songs, singing
and making melody in your heart to the Lord,..."

PROMISE is dedicated to such practice. We, the members of PROMISE,
take the Great Commission very seriously, and use music to bring,
our Lord, Jesus, to the lost. It is our firm belief that God,
who created music (and everything else), intended for it to be
used for His glory, and His glory alone. While most of the songs
we play contain the gospel message, we also minister to the saved
as well. The songs range from our own "home-spun" to popular
contemporary with a smattering of hymms and other Christian

At the moment (12/16/97) PROMISE consists of four voices:
two female and two male, and two acoustic guitars.


PROMISE consists of two couples:
John A. and Renee Fagerquist
Layne and Melissa Wandelear

John and Layne grew up in MA and have been the best of friends
since they were six years old. (we'ere 29 now)
Both Layne and John have known Jesus for about ten years.
Renee grew up in CT, and has known the Lord for about ten years as well. Melissa grew up in MA and has been saved for about five years.
PROMISE came into existance when a deacon at Layne's church
asked him to find someone to play for a dinner that the church
was putting on. Layne, without thinking, said that he thought
he and I (John) could come up with something with the help of our
wives. We held our first practice together in Sept., 1996.
That night we realized that the Lord had put our group
together, as the harmony and unity was just beautiful! We have
played out only a few times so far, but are definately
interested in doing more for Him. We are just not sure of how
to go about it all. That is the reason for this WEB Page.
If you are interested in having PROMISE come to your church or
coffee house, or you know more about the music scene than we
do, and would like to help us get going, then please email us.

I intend to develop this WEB Page more fully in the future...
depending upon response.

May God Richly Bless You
In Christ!!

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