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The Brotherhood of Jesus Christ Church is a young ministry of the word of Jesus Christ. In our short existance we have raised money and goods to help many of the needy in the Southeastern part of the U.S. However, we ourselves have recently come upon devistation and hardship. The owner of the property and building of our church recently passed away. The property and facilities were provided as a yearly donation and the fair market value of the rent was written as tax deductions. The owner recently passed away and his heir(s) refuse to continue to lease on a donation bases, and their rental price is much more than we are presently able to afford (mostly because of use of our offerings and funds to help others and carry out our travelling ministry siminars). So as of the middle of last month we have been holding our local services in the Pastor and Founder's home. This is really doubly unfortunate because we also had a mission type facility on the property where we helped unwed mothers, durg adicts, and other individuals of physical and spiritual needs. Because of the lack of a facility after the owner passed, we had to let these poor souls go back into the street and sadly (most probably) into the devil's lair again. If anyone wishes to help us out of this finanical turmoral and devistation, please contact us at out e-mail address or you may call and speak to either Rev. Dr. Charles E. Moxley (Pastor and Founder) or Rev. James D. Logan (Associate Pastor and Secretary of the Board) at (706) 592-5334 between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (EST) Monday through Saturday.

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