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The Agape Foundation

Kompleks LPPS Sinode GKI & GKJ Jateng, Samirono Baru, Catur Tunggal, Depok • Yogyakarta, DIY 55224 • Indonesia • 62-0274-514721/see/charmin/CM01238

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Helping Totally in Hollistic Spirituality

The Agape Foundation was founded at November 9th, 1991, by a group of committed Christian peoples in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for further consideration to optimize the Church presence amidst the fanatic of other faiths. The first step of its approach was to equip leaders in of local churches with basic skill in social analyses, pastoral care and other appropriate ministries. This phase was conducted intensively in the first half years but upto now have been continued to provide for new-comers in certain regular schedules. The next step that had been initiated were helping village peoples to found their own cooperative movement, trained them with innovative ways to start home industries such as leather handicraft, cassava chips, fried banana, fried soya foods and improving agricultural techniques. To do those various kind of services the Agape Foundation ask a number of young peoples in the church to be volunteers for any specific duty. In return to those volunteership the Foundation has set up several kind of cooperation and networking which resulted in among other things provide such scholarship to pursue better education. Thanks so much for anyone who has dedicated his and her talent and resouces to help this ministry well run to exalt the Lord Jesus' love to this world.

How Can It Work?

The issue of raising fund is certainly become the major difficulty which found by many of religious, social and non-profit organization in Indonesia. The Agape Foundation is not far also from that problem. But since its first establishment there have been proven that the Lord God helps her so wonderfully. Donation from the founding members, from the churches and from several sponsoring institutes have become the ways from which the Lord has presented. For the next program for helping peoples, both in the church related bodies and the general ones, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia, namely from the islands of Timor, Molluccan, and West Irian, the Agape Foundation have prayed for the Lord's help. If there is anyone interested to help in prayer, suggestion and any other kind of help, please, contact to the following address: The Agape Foundation c/o LPPS Sinode GKJ & GKI Jateng P.O. Box 1088, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55010 Phne/Fax.: 62-0274-514721

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