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Cultural Center "CARISMA"

Los Generales 834, Villa Campanario • Maip, Santiago • CHILE • (56-2) 5329148/see/charmin/CM01216

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We are the sons of a "CREATIVE GOD". In Mount Sina GOD simultaneously gave Moses the ten commandments and ordered him to design a tabernacle in a form that would involve almost every kind of representation of ART, that man could have ever known. The man that really loves GOD, that works under the Lordship of CHRIST, can write poetry, compose music, construct his musical instruments, model his statues, paint his picture, even when no man will see them. He knows that GOD sees them.


To bring ourselves closer to the art, music, and manual projects through the visual, auditive and other areas. And open our doors to the whole community, incorporating the good use of free time, over all the young kids, prohibiting the consumption of alcohol and drugs through the practice of arts and sports.Art, literature, music, crafts,etc, workshops are being performed in our cultural Center. "TO GET TO KNOW CHRIST THROUGH ART AND CREATIVITY". Corporacin Fuente De Vida,Maip, Santiago de Chile.

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