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Fountain of Hope Ministries of America

1937 West Adams, • Phoenix, Az 85009 • United States • 602-253-5637/see/charmin/CM01195

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Fountain of Hope * Ministries of America

Watering the Inner City with the Word of God. Fountain of Hope Ministries of America is located in central Phoenix on Adams Street. The need in this area is quite obvious. The neighborhood is plagued with gangs, prostitution and poverty. Though change comes slowly, God is working even in darkness through Fountain of Hope. We are committed to Him and believe faith and patience brings promises. Each day we offer assistance to families who are homeless or barely existing in the rundown homes in our inner city. Women with young children come here looking to exchange work for a food box and clothing. Some have working spouses, but don't have the necessary income to support their families. The plight of the elderly and disabled is ominous. Social Security isn't enough to support high rentals in motel rooms which can run $85-$145 per week - even some apartment rentals have sky--rocketed. to as high as $600/month for a one bedroom in the inner-city. Some have homes that are over 50 years old and in despirate need of repair. Exploitation is rampant, defying even racial barriers.

Daily church services, prayer and practical help are offered. These families are plagued by abuse, runaway children and gang violence...and these problems are multiplied by poverty. Our services are filled with The Word being the focal point whether sung, preached or through skits, drama or special concerts. god has given us a great burden to see to see men raised up in our city. As "Promise Keepers" ministers to the mainstream, so fountain of Hope ministers to homeless men-to teach them that serving God changes them first, then their families, then the city, then the nation. Our "WHOLEWAY" House is for women (and their children) coming to us from jails. They commit to a 6-month stay. The first 90 days they serve at the center packing food, sorting clothes, attending Bible studies, christian 12 Step classes and church. We trst god to make the ladies "whole"...that's our vision. Not to make it "halfway" but to become COMPLETELY WHOLE in Him !

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