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Oak St. Free Methodist Mission

718 Oak Street, Mailing address 727 Stockton St. • Flint, MI 48503 • United States • 810-233-8945/see/charmin/CM01192

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Mission Statement

We strive to reach out to the most needy of the needy in our area with help in all areas of their lives. We cloth the naked, feed the hungry, visit those in prison as Jesus instructed all who follow Him to do.

History of the ministry

Oak St. Mission is an out cropping of the First Free Methodist Church of Flint, Michigan. Although the church has been here for over one hundred years, it was not reaching out to the needy surrounding it. Three and one half years ago the mission idea was begun as an act of faith and God's guidance. With no money in a bank the ministry began with a food pantry stocked with food bought on credit at a local food bank. Next it was noted that a drop-in center was needed for homeless and street people to get in out of the cold. The first year the mission was open 10 to 15 hours a day with people setting around watching TV or playing table tennis. Both of these first two ministries got off to a rousing begining with some money being donated for the purpose of buy food. A donut shop gave us free donuts and coffee was donated. After we began these two ministries we decided we should have church of some kind, so we began a Bible Study on Wednesday's. Again God blessed us and many street people began to attend. It noticed that a lunch was needed so we began having a lunch for those who attended the study. We began with only 6 people in church and now have an average of 50, with most of those being street people. This year we began a cold lunch program each day and that also has been blessed by God.

Our Schedule is as follows

Sunday School 10:00 am Sunday Service 11:00 am Wednesday Bible Study 1:00 pm Lunch program 11:30 til 12:30 each day Monday thru Friday Come join us as a volunteer and be blessed. If you can donate food products we always accept canned goods, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. We are looking for a sponsor for our lunch program. Contact the Pastor for details. Any financial donations you may wish to give are tax deductable, and can be sent to Oak St. Mission 727, Stockton St. Flint, MI

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