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In Action

3200 E. Monte Vista, • Turlock, CA 95380 • United States • 209-667-8146/see/charmin/CM01183

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Who are we?

We are a group of teens who perform drama for Christ. We put together our own skits and ideas for a performance and do music as well. In Action does great! We love going to churches and performing. We're not in it for the money. Performances are based on love offerings. We're just teens who feel that we have a burden to share Christ with everybody. The eight of us all belong to the same church and know each other really well.

How do can you reach us for a performance?

In Action loves performing at other churches. We can arrange to have the theme of the performance based on whatever the host church would like. Our group is based in Turlock, CA, at the Denair/Turlock First Church of the Nazarene. If you are in the nearby area and are interested in having us perform at your church, feel free to either e-mail us at or call Ryan at (209)667-8146. We would love to perform at your church! And boy do we have some great material!

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