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Rev. Mark and Shari Ballard

862 Henry Moorer Road, • Henning, TN 38041 • United States • 901-738-5119/see/charmin/CM01107

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Who Are We?

Mark and Shari Ballard-
-Assemblies of God (L)
-Graduates of Central Bible College (Springfield, Missouri)
-Mark is a preacher, teacher, singer, and songwriter.
-Shari is a singer, composer, conductor, pianist, and teacher.
-Mark grew up in Henning, Tennessee and graduated from Ripley High School in Ripley, 
Tennessee. He has been A/G all of his life. -Shari grew up in Jacksonville, Illinois. She has also been reared in the church. -We met in College, married 5/18/96, have no children.

Our Vision

We are committed to winning the lost by whatever means possible. We want to be real to this generation and relevant to these last days. We believe that it is God's plan for reconciliation to take place within the Church in these last days. Therefore, we would like to see: (1) Sinners reconciled to Christ (2) Races come together inside the Church walls (3) Denominational barriers fall (4) Generations be reconciled to each other being very accepting of each other (i.e. dress, music, preaching style, evangelistic style, etc.) The Lord has revealed to us that it is time to stop splitting hairs over diversity and come together under the blood of Jesus Christ so that there will be no divisions among us. How else are we to effectively reach the lost?

We want to reach teens in their territory. We feel that to minister to them we must invade their comfort zones as opposed to waiting for them to catch a wild hair and come invade ours. We would like to do this in your city by doing street evangelism, school assemblies, and evangelistic crusades. You may reach us anytime by EM at or by phone at 901-738-5119. Our mailing address is: Mark 'n Shari 862 Henry Moorer Road Henning, TN 38041 Please, pray about the possibility of us ministering in your church. May the Holy Spirit pour Himself out in your soul, your home, your church, and your ministry in greater measure than ever before!!!

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