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The vision of this ministry is to reach and disciple the children of our city, Pasadena, TX, by any means possible. We do this through Kid's Church, Bus Ministry, Mission Mooving Kid's Club, Sunday School, and Sidewalk Sunday School. We beleive that the Lord has called us to not only reach and disciple the children of our church, but to reach the children of our city. Our cry is this, "God, give us the souls of the children of Pasadena!" The driving force behind this ministry is the vision that God has given to our Children's Pastor. God has put in his heart to reach our city. As others have caught hold of this vision from God, the ministry has grown and expanded. Pasadena has quickly become the type of city where the churches have for the most part left because of a rise in poverty, crime, and gang activity. But when you leave a city to itself, with little representation of the Gospel, you leave the city and it's people with no hope. We desire to take back this city. Through prayer the people that make up Calvary Chapel Children's Ministries bind the powers and principalities which rule over the lives of so many in this city, and then they go out and reclaim that which the enemy has stolen. We don't want to see another generation lost. This ministry is reaching out to claim a generation of children and their families, and see the harvest of souls in our city reaped. If you desire to know more about Calvary Chapel Children's Ministries or to be a part of the ministry, please contact us either by e-mail(CBS1952@AOL.COM) or cal (713)477-8986. Calvary Chapel Children's Ministries is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Assembly of God Church, Pasadena, TX.


Evangelism is at the heart of Calvary Chapel Children's Ministries. The lost are reached and discipled through Bus Ministry, Visitation and Evangelism, and Sidewalk Sunday School. Our Sunday morning Kid's Church is a unique one. It is a little different than that of many churches today. The children that are bused in are in no way seperated from the church children. Many other ministries are afraid to do this because of the thought that the bus children would "corrupt" the church children. We have a firm believe that the foundation that has been laid in the lives of our church kids is strong and firm. Most allof these "church kids" are born again, and love Jesus. We have put our faith in God believing that instead of corruption, our church kids are being an example and a blessing to all of the wonderful children who's parents don't bring them and are brought by their "spiritual mamma's and daddy's". We have had no problems whatsoever with this mix eahc week. There has been no "us" and "them" attitudes. Most of the children have become great friends. After all, they are brothers and sisters in Christ. Sidewalk Sunday School is a wonderful ministry and a powerful soul winning tool. We have done one sight, and now bus those children in to church on Sundays. There were over 120 salvations in a six month period when we were doing that first site! We are now converting a truck for this ministry, and the next few months will begin a new site.I must give all the credit to "The Children's Pastor", Bill Wilson who leads Metro Ministries in Brooklyn, New York. He pioneered this ministry and now uses this as part of the ministry to over 20,000 children a week( An evangelistic children's ministry is a very expensive one, yet it is worthwhile no matter the cost. To reach more children, we are always looking for new buses, food donations, donations of work and time, and cash donations as well. If you would like to help out in any way, or if you would just like more information via our newsletter, please write us at 3822 Greenshadow, Pasadena, TX 77503. We can also be reached via e-mail at CBS1952@AOL.COM. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you have seen our heart and will pray for the harvest to be reaped in Pasadena, TX. God Bless You - Brent Schoppa, Children's Pastor

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