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Christian Outreach Centre Thailand

P.O.Box 90, Prasing Post Office • Prasing, Chiang Mai 50200 • Thailand • /see/charmin/CM01035

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Thailand for Jesus

The mission of Christian Outreach Centre Thailand is to effectively evangelise the NorthThailand Hilltribes and the greater population of the Thai's, establishing them in the Gospel ofJesus Christ and making disciples of all.This is now being achieved via 'Global Care' making available medical and practical missions teams, (The Thailand Adventure Teams).This is opening the way for the truth of the gospel to be shared and preached. In February 1998, Christian Outreach Centre Thailand's MTI (Ministry Training Institute) will be officially launched and will be based in Chiang Mai. The MTI will seek to train and send out up to sixty trainee Pastors and Evangelist in the first year of it's operation. Also in early 1998 Global Care will open it's Global Care 'Lucah' childrens Home which will be located in the northern provence of Chiang Rai. It is planned to turn the spiritual tide in Thailand by the year 2005.

Labourers and helps

We are seeking for committed and trained specialist in the feilds of nursing, medical practicioners, medical surgeons, dentist, childrens workers, builders, plumbers, practical handyman and many other assorted service personel.

The major need for this work to develope and to grow swiftly is that of finances. The more we have, the faster we can get the work done, the harvest in, and the Lord back for His bride.

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